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Local Bar Streams Live Video to Soldiers Overseas

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GAINESVILLE, TX -- A local bar and grill is saluting U.S. Soldiers through the world wide web by streaming live video of their nightly entertainment, and they're inviting families of soldiers serving overseas to send live video messages to their loved ones. Deeda Payton reports on how the whole concept came about.

You can see the performance, hear the music, and watch the crowd. It's almost like being in a bar, and Hubcaps Wings and Sports in Gainesville, Texas is streaming it all live on the web for our soldiers who are serving overseas. "It's like it refreshes them a little bit, and that's the whole purpose is that we give something that makes it more easy for them to be there," says Robert Humphrey of Hubcaps.

Many of our nation's servicemen and women are from Texas and Oklahoma, and Hubcaps is hoping to send a little country and a lot of love their way. "It's amazing what a little home can do for someone," said Todd Wright of Hubcaps.

Hubcaps says the response has been huge. "We get people in front of the camera that are talking to their loved ones, talking to their friends. They're really pumped up and wishing them to come home safe," said Humphrey.

"I actually had someone last night say I wish y'all were doing that when I was there," said Shane Morrow of Hubcaps.

It doesn't cost the public a thing. Hubcaps is footing the bill, and even donating a portion of every dollar made to the troops. It's proof that you can make a international impact on your hometown heroes from the comfort of your neighborhood bar.

Visit www.hubcapswings.com to view the live stream.

Deeda Payton, KTEN News.