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Grayson County Homeless Shelter Needs Sprinkler System

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DENISON, TX-- On May 16th, the Grayson County Homeless Shelter will host a motorcycle run at Loose Wheels in Denison.

They're hoping to raise enough money to install a sprinkler system for the safety of the residents.

"For those of you who have children of a young age, or any type of age, I'm sure you'd want your children and family to be safe, and that's how we feel about everyone here. We would greatly appreciate it if you could help us," said shelter resident April Niblett.

April Niblett is a brand new mother and resident of the Grayson County Homeless Shelter. She is just one of many residents there who would benefit from a sprinkler system.

"It would really mean a lot if we could get that done," said Niblett.

The Shelter houses up to fifty people at a time, but they need a sprinkler system to ensure their residents are safe while trying to get back on their feet.

"About two years ago, there was a fire at a shelter in Paris, Texas and five people died. It really got our board thinking about the safety of our shelter," said Paige Furst, the shelter's director.

Safety isn't the only concern, Grayson County Shelter is a refuge for veterans as well, and they can't take on any more veterans until a sprinkler system is installed.

"We get a lot of homeless vets, but we can't receive referrals from the Vets Association until we have a sprinkler system in the building," said Furst.

The problem, however, is that it costs twenty-five thousand dollars to install, so to raise the money, they're holding a motorcycle run at Loose Wheels in Denison.

"The motorcycle community is just like a big family," said Furst.

The shelter has had trouble asking for money for the sprinkler system, especially in this economy. So instead of just asking for money, they wanted to plan a fun weekend for the whole family so they could come out and enjoy the day while giving back to the community.

"We want it to be more than just a fundraiser for us. We want it to be a fun experience to we could give back to the people who have been so generous to us and provide a day of fun for the family," said Furst.

The ultimate goal of the event is to install a system to keep the families, veterans, staff and children safe from any accidents.

"This sprinkler system will provide a lot of peace of mind for us," Furst said.

Peace of mind that the community can now help purchase.                     

The rally is from one to five o'clock on May 16th. You can sign up for the motorcycle run at