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Miniature Horses Compete in Ardmore

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ARDMORE, OK- - This is something you've got to see to believe. Miniature horses, some the size of a dog, competing in Ardmore this weekend. Meredith Saldana had to see it for herself. She has more on this story.

They measure about 30-inches tall, they come up just above your knee and the American Miniature Horse Association kicked off their first Red River Shoot Out show in Ardmore, Friday.

Organizer Jerry Horn says, "The idea is to take a large horse and shrink it down, the perfect horse."

It's a serious competition, about 160 miniature horses are competing this weekend at the Hardy Murphy Coliseum, in Ardmore.

Even the horses were excited and people came from across the map to compete.

"We live in Texas, so we'll go all the way up to Kentucky, Reno, Nevada, we go all over the United States," says Krystle Jensen.

We asked organizers what exactly the judges are looking for.

"When they're showing they want these ears to point forward, which is of course the training. They want a long, long neck with some flexibility here in the pole," says Horn.

The judges also look at the horses' teeth to make sure they're aligned properly.

They also look for big, broad eyes and of course, good behavior.

It's a long list but "Hot Sir-prise" passed the test!

She got three 1st and one 3rd, and there are some big names competing.

At the 2009 AMHA World Championships, Larry, a horse competing Friday in Ardmore, jumped 44 inches to win 1st place.

But even first timers like Campbell Gniech weren't intimidated as they waited for their turn.

"It looks so fun and it might be fun."

The miniature horse show will go on all weekend.

It starts at 8 am Saturday and Sunday morning and will go through most of the day.

It's free to the public, so if you're looking for a family friendly event this weekend you can stop by the hardy Murphy Coliseum.

And if you'd like to buy one for the kiddos they're having a sale starting at 5:30 Saturday night.

They'll be auctioning off about 70-miniature horses!

-Meredith Saldana, KTEN News