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Flat tire leads to drug arrests

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An arrest last night in Durant last night that could have come straight off the TV show "Cops."
Reports state that 20-year old Zachary Shoemake was changing the tire on 26-year old Laura Madden-Aguilar's car.  
When police rolled up to the 200 block of north 11th avenue, Aguilar was in the car and appeared to be extremely nervous, the police report states, and kept trying to start the car and drive off.
Police dispatch confirmed that she had an outstanding warrant, and she was placed under arrest. 
There was odor of marijuana on her, the report states, and pot was found in a baggie on the car floor.
Police also found a syringe with a small amount of methamphetamine in it, as well as a black bag with a semi-automatic pistol.
Both people were arrested and now sit in the Bryan County Jail.