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Local Elementary School Acts Out Oklahoma's Land Rush

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ARDMORE, OK- - Students had a first hand lesson in the statehood of Oklahoma. Meredith Saldana visited an elementary school Thursday and has more on this story.     

First graders at Charles Evans Elementary school in Ardmore took a trip back to the late 1800's!    

The students have been studying about Oklahoma history.     

Ella Keeton, a first grade teacher in Ardmore, has been acting out the land rush with students for more than 25 years.  

"It does help them remember how Oklahoma became a state and how the people got new land and came into Oklahoma territory," says Keeton.

Thursday, the students lined up and got ready to claim their land.     

But, they were surprised to see a group had beat them to the land.

You guessed it, the sooners.

First grader Darian Thompson says he learned a lot from the event, "The sooners were the people who went and claimed the land first, they went before the other people."

But they didn't let it stop them.         

The entire first grade ran as fast as they could, picked a piece of land and claimed it.

"I found new land and we claimed it," adds Thompson.

Evan Smith, also a first grader, says he had fun, "The best part of it was running, don't let nobody push you down, but you gotta claim your land really fast."

Keeton says letting the kids act out the land rush helps them learn and remember, "Anything they can do hands on they're going to remember better."

After the hard work was over, the kids settled into their new land and enjoyed a nice lunch.

-Meredith Saldana, KTEN News