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Bonham Students Build Electric Tractor & Pickup

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BONHAM, TX -- Bonham high school is combining Earth Day with shop class. The Ag students have rebuilt a pickup and tractor to run on electricity. Deeda Payton has more on the environmentally-friendly vehicles.

Bonham High School Students aren't just going green, they're building green. It's not your typical car restoration, the student mechanics have converted a normal combustible powered pickup to electric. "They have learned that going green is not difficult to do and can definitely benefit our environment," ag sciences teacher, Clint Minnick.

And, electric vehicles are a lot easier on your pocketbook. It only costs about 30 cents a day to drive. "With this pickup on a full charge it'll go about seventy miles," said Minnick.

If the electric pickup project wasn't enough, the students also rebuilt a tractor to run on electricity complete with a solar panel. "It was neat because we actually got to take the engine out of the tractor and see how it works and we got to put the electric motor on it and got to hook all the batteries up and watch it work so it was pretty neat," said student mechanic, Michael Hubbard.

Students say they were surprised by the results. "It's pretty powerful and we got to drive it. We kind of hot-rodded it a little bit," said Hubbard.

If you would like to see the Bonham Ag Mechanics hard work, you can. Both the electric tractor and pickup will be on display at Sherman's Earth Day Festival this Saturday at the Sherman Municipal Grounds.

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Deeda Payton, KTEN News.