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Unemployment Rate Drops in Texoma

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SHERMAN, TEXAS-- After a year of high unemployment numbers, new statistics are showing a slight decline.

The decline, less than a 1% drop, but that small drop is putting thousands in our area back to work.  Just last fall the national unemployment rate hit 10%.  Our area saw high numbers, 6.9% in Oklahoma and 8.2% in Texas, but those numbers are beginning to show a positive change.  What we have seen in the last couple of months is an increase in the number of job openings we see so employers are starting to look at hiring people," says Bob Rhoden of Texoma Workforce Solutions.  While more people continue to find jobs, Federal unemployment dollars can begin to rebuild, but it's a process that takes time.  "The issue is when the unemployment trust fund is hit as hard as it has been in this recession, it will take awhile for those rates to come down," says Rhoden. 

Oklahoma's current unemployment rate is 6.6% while Texas is still high at 8.2%, but both numbers are down from the previous month.  It's good nes that will take time to reveal its positive affect.

If you are currently looking for work, you can contact Texoma Workfoce Solutions.  They have multiple program aimed to help unemployed get back to work.  They provide temporary assistance to needy families, a back-to-work initiative, reintegration of offenders, subsidized employment, adult internships, and youth internships.  To contact an office in our area call: Grayson County- 903-463-9997, Fannin County-903-640-0222 or Cooke County-940-665-1121.

Christina Lusby, Reports.