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False Text Message Targets Hispanic Community

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GRAYSON CO., TX - A text message is causing a stir across the country and in Texoma. The text message urges folks - specifically the Hispanic community to boycott Walmart over fears of immigration raids. Katy Blakey has more.

The message began circulating in March. The text contains a message, in Spanish, urging people to boycott Walmart. It claims the business has been working with immigration officials to round up illegal immigrants.

Members of Grayson County's Hispanic community tell KTEN it seemed the claim made the text message was powerful enough to prevent many local Hispanics from going to the local Walmarts, worried they or loved-ones would be picked up by immigration officials.

Walmart released a statement to KTEN today - saying there is no truth to the matter. "The rumors circulating via text message and other means about Walmart coordinating or supporting immigration raids in our stores are not true. These rumors are baseless and inaccurate."

We contacted ICE officials but have not received a call back. The false claim has even made the popular website www.snopes.com. Here is Walmart's complete statement in English and in Spanish.

Katy Blakey, KTEN News

Statement on Immigration Text Message Rumors
The rumors circulating via text message, and other means, about Walmart coordinating or supporting immigration raids in our stores are not true. These rumors are baseless and inaccurate. We think it's unfortunate that such unsubstantiated rumors are spread.
On immigration reform, our position is clear. We believe reform is needed. We are committed to working with all interested parties – lawmakers, employers, and consumers – to make comprehensive reform a reality.

Declaración de Walmart Sobre los Rumores de Inmigración en los Mensajes de Texto
Los rumores que están circulando por medio de mensajes de texto, y otros medios, indicando que Walmart esta apoyando o coordinando redadas contra inmigrantes en nuestras tiendas son falsos. Estos rumores son erróneos y sin fundamento. Pensamos que es lamentable que estos rumores sean propagados.
Nuestra posición sobre la reforma migratoria es clara. Creemos que la reforma es necesaria. Estamos comprometidos a colaborar con las partes interesadas, legisladores, empleadores y consumidores, para que la reforma migratoria se convierta en realidad.