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Cash for Appliances on Hold in Oklahoma

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TEXOMA--The cash for appliances program kicked off in Texas, but in Oklahoma the program is on hold.  Officials in Oklahoma feel there are better ways to distribute the rebates and are delaying the program while they map out the details for their state.

If you live in Oklahoma, do not head out to your local appliance store just yet.  On April 22nd, Oklahoma officials will explain their plan to distribute the more than $3,000,000 allotted for the program.  Oklahomans will be able to cash in on their appliances in person only on May 8th.

In Texas, the program allowed residents to sign up on April 7th in person or online to cash in on the more than $23,000,000 allotted for the state's program.  Texas officials say they received thousands of hits per second and the cash ran out in about 7 hours.  That means, if you did not sign up for a rebate, you cannot get one. 

Today, those Texas residents who signed up were able to cash in at the store.  Those receiving rebates have from April 16th-25th to pick out and purchase new appliances.

Christina Lusby, Reports.