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Texting Scam--Targets American Bank of Texas

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GRAYSON CO., TEXAS--A warning on a new scam trying to get your bank information.  This one started a couple of weeks ago; it's a text message asking for your personal account numbers.

The trick, it says "your Bank of Texas account has been deactivated, please call [number] to reactivate card".  The text is targeting everyone, American Bank of Texas customer or not.  Each text sends a different number, once the number is dialed, the number is discontinued.  And do not expect to talk to a person, the message is all automated, asking you to dial in your number.  When you do, your "card" is reactivated.

The American Bank of Texas is only one bank that has been targeted by a scam like this over the past years.  As a word of advice, they say as a bank, they will never ask you for your personal information because they already have it. 

If you fall prey to a scam, bank officials say contact them immediately.  They will cancel your debit cards and monitor your account for any false charges.  If you do have a question, officials say go to your bank in person.

Christina Lusby, Reports.