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Carter County adding Hyundai dealership, more jobs

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Good economy news out of Ardmore tonight.

Everyone knows Rocky at Carter County Dodge. Now, he's opened a brand new Hyundai dealership, creating more than 40 jobs here in Ardmore. 
The new Carter County Hyundai officially opened last week. 
But, plans for the $2 million dollar facility were in place long before the first Hyundai's were driven onto the lot.
Rocky said, "We were in the works about three years ago and whenever the economy crashed, you know we took it as a perfect opportunity to save on some building supplies. You know there were a lot of people needing jobs, so you know we built the store and it ended up great. I'm excited."    

But it hasn't all been smooth sailing. With the unstable economy, not everyone was a believer.

Rocky said, "Well you know what's funny is, whenever I was building the store everybody said, Rocky, you're nuts. You know, what were you thinking? We're in the middle of a recession.

"Then after the economy started picking back up they said, you're the luckiest guy in the world. So, I don't know if I'm stupid or lucky or if I'm just a good businessman but I haven't figured that one out yet."
This is the only Hyundai dealership along I-35 between D-FW and Oklahoma City

Rocky said, "Right now, we've got 19-20 employees. We're gonna have over 40 people employed. 
Carter County Receptionist Eva Knowles had been searching for a job in Ardmore. For more than a year. "You just want to give up. I couldn't find anything til' this place opened so I came and put in an application, got the job, I'm happy!
Salesman Sergio Key-Ross spent more than 7 months looking for a job..
"Oh yeah it's great for the Ardmore area. You know our local economy's great and it's just hard to get a job sometimes. You know everyone in Ardmore's looking for jobs and whenever we get a job we get excited, especially one like this."

Rocky says he's still hiring. So, if you are looking for a job and you're a hard worker, give him a call.