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Beating Cancer at the Age of Eight

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DENISON, TX -- An 8-year-old Denison girl is smiling big these days. That's because she's just been told she's cancer free just three months after being told she was terminal. We told you about Radiant Luna after her diagnosis back in December. Deeda Payton spoke to her family about the good news.

Her mother says it's a true miracle, but when I asked Radiant what she believes changed her fate, she quickly responded "radiation." Now there's no more radiation; however, she does have a few more months of treatment before she is considered in remission.

Don't be fooled by the cartoons, this is not your average eight-year-old. Radiant Luna is battling terminal cancer and doctor's say she's winning. "What do you think helped you? Was it a miracle?" I asked. "It was my radiation and it was a miracle too," said Radiant.

After three months of radiation and chemotherapy, this second grader is still full of life wearing her favorite wig to match her bubbly personality. "Which wig is your favorite?" I asked. "This one. it's called Cleo Patra," said Radiant.

Her mom believes it's a miracle too. She can't believe the cancer is all gone. "Throughout her spine, her head, the little bitty pieces, the main one is gone and it was a sigh of relief," said Melissa Luna.

Radiant's mom says she still has another six months of chemo before she will be technically considered in remission, but now they only go to Dallas once a week for treatment. "They hope it doesn't come back. This cancer is very high risk."

Radiant says she is confident that she'll stay cancer free, and the Luna family couldn't be more appreciative of the community's support. "Thank you for praying for me to feel well," said Radiant.

Doctors told the family the coming months are very critical, but they are hopeful.

As for Radiant, if all goes well she will be back in school with her friends this coming school year.

Deeda Payton, KTEN News.