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Address Changes in Healdton, Oklahoma

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HEALDTON, OK- If you live in Healdton, Oklahoma, you may have received information on your door about your new address.

The Carter County E-911 office went door to door, Monday, leaving information packets .      

In November of '08, Healdton residents voted to switch from the regular 911 system to Carter County's new Enhanced 911 system.     

Shelly Stahlbusch explains what you should do if you received an information packet.

"The residents need to fill out their yellow card and return it to the post office," says Stahlbusch. "They need to fill out a white questionnaire that's in the packet and return it. And the white questionnaire in the envelope that's enclosed in the packet, it's self addressed and the postage is paid and it will come with me."

They hope to have all the packets delivered by the end of the week...