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From KTEN Media GM, Craig Marrs, "The ABC Television Network programming will soon be shown from KTEN to Texoma."

Craig Marrs, GM Craig Marrs, GM

Call your Satellite or Cable provider today and tell them you want ABC Texoma!:

DirecTV: 888-777-2454

Dish Network: 888-284-7116

Cable One Ardmore: 580-223-9600

Cable One Ada: 580-332-8333

Cable One Sherman/Denison: 903-893-6548

(More providers listed below)

Welcome to my little corner of the web!

This is the first of an ongoing column that will give you greater access to KTEN.

From time to time, I will share my thoughts with you here about our dynamic region and the people who make Texoma such a wonderful place to live and work.

Today, we start with some thoughts about the big new announcement here at KTEN.  I promise this column will not always be so self-serving, but for now, just a little indulgence please.

Thanks to KTEN's parent company, Lockwood Broadcasting, and the Denison Development Alliance, we announced yesterday that we are bringing a whole new television station to Texoma.  The ABC Television Network programming will soon be shown from KTEN to Texoma.  Of course, we are very excited about this. 

We are calling this channel ABC Texoma. 

Texoma is the best name for our region because we have viewers not just in Texas and not just in Oklahoma—hence TEXOMA.  And, Texoma is BIG!.  Texoma extends all the way from Van Alstyne, TX to Ada, OK.  A big area with great people from all walks of life.  I have heard of the "red river divide" but frankly, I think we all have more in common than differences…with the exception of OU/TEXAS football!  Now that is a "divide"!  Smiles.

And speaking of TEXAS/OKLAHOMA football, I am proud to say that since ABC carries the big "red river rivalry" every year, you will be able to see the big game right here on ABC TEXOMA in the fall.

In addition, this new channel will mean that, starting in mid-May, Texomans will be able to watch the terrific programming on ABC without having to import a "distant" signal from either Oklahoma City or Dallas.  Now while those two great cities are not all that distant, there are some unique benefits to having the ABC channel available here in our home market.

Specifically, local news, weather and sports coverage of Texoma.  A major benefit of having this channel in your home is KTEN's commitment to alerting you to severe weather outbreaks near you.  If you are in the area of severe storms, and you are watching ABC programming, you will now have access to Alan Mitchell or one of our other meteorologists, to watch out for you.

Since we announced this channel, we have taken many calls and emails telling us how excited people are to have this channel, but they all ask the same question: 

Will I get this channel on my TV set?

Short answer is: YES! 

And of course, it will depend on HOW you get your television programming now. 

Cable (such as Cable One, Communicom, Suddenlink or TV Cable of Grayson)


Satelitte (such as Dish or DirecTV)


Over the Air (antennae to get free over-the-air TV signals)

To make sure you will get ABC Texoma, you should call your cable or satelitte provider ASAP.  This is moving fast and we want you to be able to watch some of the great shows finales coming in May!  So, CALL NOW.  A list of phone numbers is below. Tell them  "I WANT MY ABC TEXOMA"  That is the first step.


DirecTV: 888-777-2454

Dish Network: 888-284-7116

Cable One Sherman/Denison: 903-893-6548

Cable One Ardmore: 580-223-9600

Cable One Ada: 580-332-8333

Alligiance Communications: 800-937-1397

Communicom Durant: 580-924-2367

TV Cable of Grayson: 903-786-7477

Suddenlink: 405-377-7785