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Forever Friends Raffle

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ARDMORE, OK- Some women in Ardmore are taking in dogs and fostering them until someone comes to adopt the homeless pets. Their group is called Forever Friends. The only problem is they are running out of money. Nathan Thomas has more on their story.     

For many of us, time is something we just don't seem to have enough of.     

But these women are volunteering their time to take care of abandoned dogs.     

The group is called Forever Friends.  

Volunteer Aletta Foster says, "Yes, we are all volunteers. No one gets paid. It's just a civic thing that we do."

And their work seems to be rubbing off on their 4 legged friends.      

The dogs even do some volunteering themselves.     

Some are part of the Tail Waggin' Tutors program where they help insecure readers, practice their reading skills, without the fear of being teased.     

And others even visit area nursing homes.    

"I like the nursing homes and when I go in Sam is, you can hear it going down the hall, there's Sam, Sam's here and they just perk up. It's wonderful."     

But these dogs are more than volunteers, they also serve as medicine for the soul.

"One lady is not very much in the way of communication and she is even trying to talk so it's a good thing."

Volunteers at Forever Friends say raising money is crucial.

They are fostering about 100 animals right now, that means they are housing them, paying for any food, and any medical expenses.

All of which comes out of pocket.

Angela Bell also volunteers and says, "We need money, we need participation."

The group is selling raffle tickets for one dollar.

If purchased, you will be in the drawing for a gift basket full of donated items as well as gift certificates to local businesses.    

If you would like to buy a ticket you can drop by Paws for Fun or contact Leta Walker at 580-504-2187.

-Nathan Thomas, KTEN News