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Wildfire Warning

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HEALDTON, OK- Here in Texoma, while the warmer temperatures are great, it's still dangerous.  Nathan Thomas has more on a serious warning and reminder.    

It was one year go, we saw how dangerous those wildfires can be, when they spread across southern Oklahoma and North Texas.     

April of last year, wildfires destroyed thousands of acres around Carter County, Oklahoma.     

People were left without homes and jobs and some even lost livestock.     

Volunteer fireman Jerry Walker stresses the importance of safety and prevention.

"We can't stress enough. Because the big fire we had north of town, it burned a lot of houses, a lot of land, and basically destroyed everything in it's path. People don't  understand what a fire can do.'

Walker says their job as volunteers is a little harder because they are called from their jobs and homes so they have to drop what they are doing, go to the station and then respond to the fire.    

Although Walker says it's hard work being a volunteer fire department, he did say they are grateful to the people of Carter County for funding their new fire trucks.          

And remind every one, to be extra careful when it comes to any outside burning.

-Nathan Thomas, KTEN News