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Cash for Appliances

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SHERMAN, TEXAS--It's time to start shopping for new at home appliances.  A new government program, similar to cash for clunkers, is beginning April 7th.  It allows you to cash in your old, still working appliances for new energy efficient models.

Items that qualify?  You can turn in your dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines, central heating and air, and window units to Sears in Sherman.  But don't pack up your old items just yet, your old appliance isn't picked up until your new product is delivered.  Once your new appliance is in your home, Sear's delivered will take your old appliance and file the papers for your rebate. 

But many are skeptical of the new government program.  Will it be another bust like Cash for Clunkers?  That program started out well, but ran out of money.  The difference between the cars and appliances?  This program only allows you to buy new appliances from April 16th through the 25th, but let's you begin filing for your rebate on April 7th.

Other catches in the program, you must replace your old appliance with one that is energy efficient.  Another, if you turn in a refrigerator, you have to buy a refrigerator, no cross trading in this program.

While some think it's a great program, "I think it's helpful.  It's going green and pretty good for the environment," says Cameron Gallman a local resident.  But others aren't buying it.  "It's spending more money we do not have.  It's a waste.  I don't want to pay for other peoples washers and dish washers," says Barbara Downs, a local Sherman resident.

If you're interested in the program and want to know if your old appliances qualify you can show up to the Sears at Midway Mall in person on April 7th or you can fill out a form online.  All you have to do is go to the Sears web site and click on the energy efficient star for more details.

Christina Lusby, Reports.