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Boy Scouts Celebrate 100 Years

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POTTSBORO, TEXAS--The boy scouts celebrated their 100th year anniversary this weekend. 

The troops, 22 in all, gathered for three days at Camp James Ray.  The boys participated in events like shooting, archery, dodge ball and more.  After 100 years the scouts are still focusing on the value of responsibility and respect.  "It's taking the boys of today and turning them into the men of tomorrow," says Bruce Dawsey, a parent of a local scout.

The boy scout program teaches more than just survival skills, it can also help your child getting his first job.  "If you playing 2nd base in high school, you cannot put that on your resume for your first job.  You can put that you were a boy scout," says Roger Virgin a local troop leader.

Each boy loves the scouts for a different reason.  Some boys sign up to go camping, others for the adventure, but no matter why they are there they all learn the importance of leadership.  The boys scouts to me is about adventure, having fun and learning to become a leader," says boy scout Sean Stephens.  

Around 475 scouts and chaperons attended this weekends events.

Christina Lusby, Reports.