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Milburn Students Making a Difference

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This story is one to make any parent proud. Kids in Milburn, Oklahoma, are making a difference for a small country in need.  The project is called Books for Ghana, and it's a way for students to send unused books to those less fortunate.  Meredith Saldana was there when they gave the books to the Ghana missionaries.     

In Ghana, only 64% of elementary aged children get an education, and with English being the primary language, Milburn students thought who better to send their unused books?    

The students set their goal at 5,000 books.     

Monday, more than 8,000 books were handed over to the Ghana missionaries.     

Della Quashie is from Ghana; he now lives in the US and travels to the small country for missionary work.

He's seen the needs of the poor country, first hand.  

"I was heartbroken.  Because I found out in the U.S. we throw a lot of books away," says Quashie.

So Books for Ghana was started, and Milburn students, who heard about the project through their English teacher, decided to step up to the plate.

Senior Ashley Heller helped collect books, "It's really doing something good for those who need it.  You know, books laying down in cellars and stuff, you know, they're just collecting dust.  They can put it to use and maybe hopefully get a better education."

Freshman Elaine Mcleod says, "I thought we should do something to help them.  They really touched my heart about how they did that.  About how they were all by themselves, but most of their parents are probably gone, and how they must feel abandoned, and how no one cares for them."

After collecting the district's unused books, they contacted other schools in the area and Monday, more than 8,000 books were donated to Books for Ghana.  

Cathy Ackmann with Calvary Christian Center in Texas says, "I don't think we have any words for that.  I mean this is just absolutely amazing."

The students' English teacher says the children in Ghana aren't the only ones learning from this project.

"The fact that we can go and impact a whole nation and help their students get an education," says Nellie Garoni.  "I think the fact that we get it for free we forget how important it is.  Because education is your ticket to success, and so by able to go in and put a little seed into their country then we can affect them for generations."

If you would like more information on helping Ghana you can log onto this website:

-Meredith Saldana, KTEN News