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Unsolved Murder Torments Sherman Family

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SHERMAN, TX - It's been a year and a half since a Sherman man was found murdered inside his home. Clyde Guess's family is now talking openly about their pain, hoping their story of grief and confusion will help authorities solve the case.

Sherrie Guess holds the only picture she has left of her father - a faded photograph showing a young war hero.

"He was a very funny man," said Guess. "He'd always tell us, 'I'm not just smart, I'm clever.'"

Remembering her father brings a smile to her face, but the joy quickly fades when forced to talk about his death.

"Who could be so vicious? So cruel to kill an old man that's defenseless?"

Clyde Guess was 80-years-old when someone entered his Brocket Street home - shot him and then left. The father and church deacon had just been diagnosed with cancer. He was feeble and hard of hearing. He would have been unable to defend himself.

"I just can't get past it," said Sherrie. "Can't get pass this."

It's a case that is growing cold with no hard leads, no arrests and no real motive. It's been a long time for a family to go without any answers.

"The main thing this family needs is to heal and in order to have a healing process this family needs closure."

The family says closure will only come once they know who killed their father - something police still can not tell them.

"It's hard going this long and not being able to find out who did this," said Larry Atherton with the Sherman Police Department.

"Not knowing why it happened or who did it. It makes me feel like we're all targets. I'm a target. My whole family is a target. I'm trying to keep my composure, trying to stay sane through this and it's not easy."

The family and police are waiting on DNA testing that could help solve the case, but until then they are urging anyone with information to come forward and contact Sherman Police.

Katy Blakey, KTEN News