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What Does The Health Care Bill Mean For You?

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TEXOMA - Just about everyone has an opinion on the health care bill. But much of America is still unclear when it comes to what's in the bill. What does it mean for you?

Passage of the bill does create some immediate changes including:

No More Annual or Lifetime Caps 

Health care companies are no longer allowed to put an annual or lifetime cap. That means if you buy a policy, the insurance company will not be able to place a cap on how much it will cover.

Help For Uninsured with Pre-Existing Conditions

Five billion dollars is being set aside to provide temporary coverage to uninsured Americans who have pre-existing conditions. The money will help folks into more of the bills provisions go into effect in 2014.

Coverage For Older Children

Another provision of the bill will help recent college graduates and young adults. Insurers will be required to provide coverage options for children up to the age of 26. 

Drug Discount For Seniors

A big change for seniors comes in the form of their prescription drug cost. Americans who fall into the Medicare Part "D" Drug Benefit coverage gap will receive $250 to help pay for prescriptions.

Those changes are just some of the immediate affects. The other big parts of the bill like Health Insurance exchanges and mandated coverage do not go into effect until 2014.