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Firefighters Participate in Safety Training

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ARDMORE, OK- When seconds count, we rely on first responders to save our lives. Tuesday, the Ardmore Fire Department spent the day learning how to keep themselves safe while trying to save others. Nathan Thomas was there and actually participated in some of the training and has more on this story.

I got to see first hand just how tough it is to be a firefighter and it's no easy task.

The training simulated a five story building with different situations like the roof collapsing, floor collapsing and wire entanglement.

Fire Chief Cary Williamson tells me this training is done annually and being able to brush up on their skills is crucial.

"This is very important, anytime a firefighter becomes a victim himself he's no longer a help to the victim. So this teaches us to save ourselves first," says Williamson.

During the training, firefighters were even blind folded.

They put on all their gear and then had a shower cap taped to their masks to simulate the visibility of a burning building.

I even climbed the ladder and found out just how scary it is.

The closer I got to the top, the more the ladder moved!

It will really made me appreciate all the hard work that goes into serving our community.

-Nathan Thomas, KTEN News