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Horses up for Adoption

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DENISON, TEXAS--A group dedicated to saving wild horses says you now have a chance to help.  Wild horses are multiplying on public land, but the land is running out and the horses are roaming for food.  That's why the Wild Horse and Burro Program is helping round up wild horses, train them, and place them up for adoption.

The program hit the national spotlight when President Obama recently asked for an increase in the program's budget by $12 million.  That would mean the program would be receiving more than $75 million of your tax dollars.

Crystal Cowan, works for the program and says, "Out West, there are too many horses to sustain.  So to keep the range healthy and the horses healthy,  the bureau gathers a certain number of horses each year, trains them, and places them up for adoption." 

Due to the economy adoption numbers are down but people are still adopting.  The program has adoption centers in 3 locations throughout Texoma: McAlester, Hugo and Durant.  They are asking for your help to place them in happy homes.

Christina Lusby, Reports.