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Dog Seat Belts Protect Pet

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Seat belts save lives so why not own one for your pet?  Research shows keeping your pet strapped up prevents driving distractions and helps protect the driver and the pup.

Buckling up goes for pets now too.  Dog seat belts are making sure to secure your pup while on the road.

Dan Chase, a local Petsmart pet trainer says, "If you are in a car wreck and your dog is not stabilized, they can go flying through the windshield or into the dashboard."

As pet traveling increases, little and big dogs need to sit still in the car.  Pet size does matter when you are purchasing a seat belt.  For little dogs, they need a carseat and for big dogs its a harness.  Harnesses make sure to hold their entire body still and won't tug on their necks during a sudden stop.  If you have a small dog and buy a carseat, you'll need to make sure they are strapped into the seat with a harness not a collar.  Strapping them in with a collar can cause extensive damage to your pet's neck. 

Christina Lusby, Reports.