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Urban Chicken Farming

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From the farm to your neighborhood, its seems chickens are moving in and becoming a part of backyard landscapes.    

Many home owners are looking into raising chickens for the health benefits of their fresh eggs.  Now, one mother in Denison is creating an urban farm, adding 11 fruit trees along side her house and building her own chicken coop.  All in an effort to make sure her kids are getting food that's free from chemicals.

Kristy Vanzee wants to make sure her kids eat right.   "I like to know what's going into my kids," says Vanzee.

Like everyone mother, Kristy wants the final say in the food her kids eat.   "I like that I have control.  I want control of what goes into the eggs, I like that there are no pesticides and they are raised healthy," explains Vanzee. 

That's why Kristy is starting her own chicken farm.  The eggs, not only pesticide free, but research shows fresh eggs are better for you.  Home raised chickens eggs are also said to be lower in cholesterol, have less saturated fat and more vitamin A and E.  

Starting your own urban farm isn't difficult and the price is up to you.  If you want to start your own chicken farm first look into your city ordinances and then take a look at these websites.



Christina Lusby, Reports.