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Can't hit the gym? Workout at Home!

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DENISON, TX -- If you're busy cannot fit in your usual workout, there are easy ways to burn the calories at home.

Skipping a daily workout happen, but an at home workout can still help burn those unwanted calories. So how can you workout if you do not have the necessary weights?  You can use your furniture.  Shawn Teamann, a local fitness expert says, "Any item in your house can be turned into an exercise machine."

For example, you can use a chair.  "On a chair you can do dips or squats.  You can use one legged squats or do step ups," says Teamann.  

The chair is just one example of an item you can use to improvise.  Another workout tool, try a broom.  "Place it on your shoulders.  Then you can crunch side to side to work your abs.  You can even do back extensions."

Next try using the floor.  "You can do sit ups, back extensions, flexibility exercises, stretches and more."

If you do not want to use weights, you can still get a great workout using your own body weight.  Try doing push-ups, if you are not strong enough, you can make it easier by doing the exercise on your knees. 

Another option, inexpensive equipment that can allow you to take your workout with you on the road.  "Rubber bands are very inexpensive and you can buy them anywhere.  They are a simple tool you can throw into your suitcase."

This can help make skipping a workout a thing of the past. 

If you purchase rubber bands, they are a cheap and easy way to get resistance training without leaving your home.  The bands typically cost about $5.  If you don't want to invest in any type of equipment just pick up your chair or broom and your "set to go".

Christina Lusby, Reports.