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Hot Health-Keeping your Metabolism Up

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If you want to drop calories, there are ways to boost your metabolism through your everyday routine.  Losing weight begins with your metabolism and keeping it geared up to burn calories throughout the day, may not be as hard as you think.

Teresa Hall, an Exercise Physiologist, reveals the secrets.  "Seek opportunities to burn calories outside of exercise.  For example, if you're at the grocery store, park further away.  If you are at work, take the stairs instead of the elevator."  Easy ways that can help you lose weight with only a little extra effort.

You can even burn extra calories by eating.  Yes, eating.  "Certain foods take more time to break down and you burn more calories," explains Hall.  Foods that can help you get to a healthy weight are found in proteins such as nuts, beans, and chicken.  The great thing about boosting your metabolism it means you'll need to eat more often.  "Go for 5 meals a day 3 meals and 2 snacks."

But controlling your metabolism isn't all in your control.  Hall says, "Several things effect our metabolism some we can control others we can't."  Our metabolism can be effected by our age, muscle mass and genes.  "After the age of 25, our metabolism decreases 10 to 20% per decade."

Another factor, your current body weight.  "People with more muscle on their body than fat will have a higher metabolism."  And sorry ladies, but men's metabolisms seem to give them an upper hand on weight loss.  "Men have a higher metabolism than women because they have more mass and weight," reveals Hall.  But genes and age are no excuse to gain weight, its up to you how dedicated you want to be.  

If you are ready to burn fat, the steps are pretty simple.  "You can rev up your metabolism through physical activity, exercise, interval training and eating 5 meals a day," says Hall.

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Christina Lusby, Reports.