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Colbert Worker Honored for Service to the State

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COLBERT, OK -- A legend who's worked in Colbert for more than thirty years is starting the next step in her life. She broke the color barrier in Bryan County, and Thursday was honored in Oklahoma City for her years of service by the Lieutenant Governor. Friday was her last day at the state information center. Deeda Payton has her story.

The normally upbeat welcome center in Colbert, Oklahoma felt different Friday. That's because it's Connie Bollin's last day after 32 years behind the information desk. "It won't be the same," said co-worker, Jeannie Percell.

Bollin has become more than a smiling face to the people she welcomes and works with. "She's just a real good person. I took to her and she took to me, and it's like she's been my surrogate mama," said old friend, Jason Vellotti.

She will be greatly missed and says she is grateful for the relationships she has made. "It makes me feel good and like to everyone like I'd like to be treated," Connie Bollin.

In the late 70s, Bollin broke the color barrier in Bryan County. She was the first African American to pass the civil service test and work for the state. "She's a special person all around," said Percell.

Bollin says her retirement is bittersweet. "There are some people that come through that I meet and greet every year, and I'm going to miss them; I'm going to miss it so much."

Deeda Payton, KTEN News.