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Trimming Trees for your Safety

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We told you yesterday about the entourage of tree trimmers who've converged in Grayson County, their mission, to keep the lines clear so your power can stay on.

You may have seen the trucks and the men hanging from the trees all over Pottsboro.  It's all apart of an Oncor project that is helping keep you safe when winter weather rolls in.

Todd Thompson, Oncor Area Manager, says the trim trimming for Pottsboro was a must. "We experienced more power outages in Pottsboro than anywhere else."

Just this year Pottsboro was among several communities who experienced power outages because of the hanging limbs. Thompson say each of their cuts have a purpose. "We cut a 10 foot clearance area from our primary lines."

That keeps lines clear from falling trees. But hanging from the trees is no easy task. Workers have several safety concerns. They always stay far from the power lines and they make sure their harnesses and ropes are hooked in tight.  They make sure to wrap their harness around a strong enough branch so they do not fall.

And with each chop, the trees become more bare with each cut. When it's all said and done, the trees are a landscapers nightmare. "It changes the way the trees grow and may even weaken them. It can damage the trees and it may weaken the tree or make it heavier on one side or the other."

Crews who work on these power lines call it a necessary evil and some trees do not get trimmed without a fight. "People get most irritated when the trees get radical cuts so we can get the clearance we need."

But the beauty is not a focus for the workers instead it's all about safety, no matter what the tree looks like in the end. "Well, they don't look like I would like them to but you know its got to be done", says Mary Elium a Pottsboro resident. Another resident, Wilma Christian adds, " It's not so bad. I think they did a real good job."

All the excess tree branches and mulch goes to good use. Oncor says they offers the wood to the home owners and the mulch goes to near by farms .

Christina Lusby, Reports.