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Carrus Specialty Hospital Makes a Move

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More growth for Sherman, you'll see it if you drive down Highway 82 and 1417. It's the new facility now home to Carrus specialty hospital. A place dedicated to helping long term acute care patients.

This will be the third rehab facility in our area. The difference between Carrus, Reba's Ranch House and the new TMC? Carrus focuses on long term acute care patients. That means more local residents with health problems to stay in town. That's why they picked up and moved from their previous location, housed inside the old TMC, to their new location off 1417.

Today they moved all of their patients from the old facility into their new rehab center. The move is temporary until the LTAC portion of the facility is complete. The building whole building should be complete by April 2010.

The new building was made possible by investors. "A group of investors invested in it.  They are our owners. They are a group of physicians and the Viking group," explains Marie Johnson a Carrus Case Manager.

The new facility could employ up to 120 people and that means more jobs for our area. Carrus is housing 16 patients but the main facility is still under construction and will be able to hold more once the rehab facility is up and running.

Right now 7 long term acute care patients are staying inside the rehab center. Officials say the LTAC section should be opened around April that means the rehab center will be clear and ready for patients.

Christina Lusby, Reports.