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Free Dental--Dentistry from the Heart

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If you were with us earlier today, you saw the lines at Lake Texoma Dental Care in Denison. Hundreds showed up for a program that provided people in need with free dental care.

The free services motivated Texomans to wake up early and brave the 20 degree temperatures to secure a place in line in front of Lake Texoma Dental Care. It was apart of a national non-profit organization that partnered with local dentists across the United States to provide free dental care for Texoma residents in need.

In addition to those who slept in front of the office over night, hundreds more lined up before the sun rose in Denison. The line was long, the weather was cold, but those in needs spirits' were high.

Tents were set outside the dentist office, providing warmth by heating lamps.  Once patients entered inside they filled out papers and under went blood pressure tests to make sure they were ready to under go any procedure necessary. Once passing the medical procedure, they were ushered into another nearby tent where they were provided with food and beverage until their number was called.

Every patient was there for a different reason from unknown pain, to cavities, to teeth that needed to be pulled, Dr. Stephen A. McAnaney was prepared for each case.

Lake Texoma Dental Care wanted to join the nationwide effort and donate their time to help that couldn't afford to help themselves.

Christina Lusby, Reports.

***Clarification:  We may have inadvertantly suggested a non-profit organization funded these efforts, but that is not the case.  Lake Texoma Dental Care volunteered for this event and gave their time to provide Texoma with free dental care.