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Sherman City Council Tables Oil & Gas Drilling Permit

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SHERMAN, TX - Sherman residents are speaking out over concerns they have about a proposed oil and gas well going up near their homes. The item was up for discussion at Monday's Sherman City Council meeting, but councilors voted to table the issue until more research could be done. Katy Blakey has more on how their decision is affecting residents.

Penny Curtis's home sits on the outskirts of the Sherman city limits, overlooking a rolling hillside. Curtis calls it her dream home. But that could soon change if an oil and gas well is placed on the adjoining property.

"It's not good for any of the residents around here," said Curtis. "It would affect each one of us differently."

EOG Resources, Inc. is asking the city of Sherman to approve a permit to drill for oil and gas. It would be a 24-hour operation on the southwest corner of Highway 75 and Shepherd Drive - within sight of Curtis's home and others.

"We're concerned about the light pollution, the noise pollution, but also the contamination of our water," said Curtis.

It's a list of growing concerns that are echoed by residents across North Texas as communities weigh the pros and cons of placing these drilling sites in their neighborhoods.

"What are the repercussions from a well site 10 years from now? No one knows."

The city's recommendation to the council Monday night alluded to the risks, stating "While some recent studies and events in the Barnett Shale and other places have demonstrated that there are potential environmental risks, we believe these types of risk are manageable and remote."

"We are not an expert in oil and gas," said Sherman Mayor Bill Magers. "Obviously there has been oil and gas in Sherman and Grayson County. So the key thing that needs to be done, which our staff is going to do this, is to look at this particular situation - find out what makes sense, what doesn't make sense - and they can bring that back to the council and then we can weigh in on the issue."

Still, that news isn't reassuring to Curtis and her neighbors if that proposal gives a green light to drilling.

Katy Blakey, KTEN News