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Valentine Sales and Gift Ideas

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Guys, you only have two days left to buy your special someone that perfect gift! Meredith Saldana hit the streets Friday in Ardmore to find out if this winter weather has kept you from getting out to buy your sweetheart something.  And for those of you who are just procrastinators at heart, she has some gift ideas from local stores.

We went to four different businesses who all said the same thing.

Business was slow Thursday because of the weather, but they expect the next two days to make up for it.

As the snow fell Thursday, valentine shoppers seemed to stay home.

"We did alright but not as good as it would've been if it wasn't for the weather," says Bob Ward of Ray Ward's Jewelry.

 Gina Bean of Celebrations says, "Yesterday morning we were busy, the snow hit, it really fell off yesterday afternoon."

 But business was back on track Friday afternoon.

If you haven't made your purchase yet here are a few ideas; Ray Ward's Jewelry in downtown Ardmore says this year, heart shaped jewelry has been a popular buy.

Bob Ward says, "$69 in heart jewelry on up to thousands. And diamond earrings start at $99 and go up into thousands."

If your valentine prefers flowers, Gary's Flowers can whip up a quick arrangement for any budget!

Kenna Stephens at Gary's Flowers says, "You can get outta here for like $7.50 up to $200. However much you want to spend, but we have things $7.50, $10 on up."

Or, we found balloons in every size at celebrations.

"We're known for our balloons! We have some really different balloons," says Gina Bean of Celebrations.

From small, to large and even ones that sing!

They even have stuff for the little valentine's in our lives!

"The kids have gotta be thought about too so yeah we sell a lot of the $10 kids baskets," says Bean.

And for those who think outside the box, The Brown Paper Bag has some unique gifts; from girly boxers and gourmet candies to breakfast ingredients to cook for your special valentine.

Owner Sue Fernando says, "Men are always last second! That's just the way it is, so it's really fun, I love it. I love to see them come in and want to buy something special for somebody they care about. It's fun."

While we were out scoping out some ideas for the perfect gift, we found the perfect shopper.

Little Jacob Johnson was looking for a special gift for his valentine.

This 2-year old is wise beyond his years, and taught us, the best gift comes from the heart.

Jacob Johnson told us, "I love you, momma."

-Meredith Saldana, KTEN News