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Snow Safety

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As the snow starts to melt it's making a wet, slushy mess! Meaning we're not done with a few of the slick spots just yet. Meredith Saldana has more information regarding your health and safety.

The snow we received Thursday is wet snow.

Which means it's extremely heavy and can cause some serious injury's as people try to shovel and scrape it out of their way.

As people continue to walk on Thursday's snow, it's packing tighter and tighter, causing much of the snow to become an icy hazard.

Nurse practitioner Frelyn Loughridge with the Wellness Center in Ardmore says anyone with health issues should stay inside if at all possible.

Especially older residents, Loughridge says this type of weather is the number one cause for injuries like fractured and broken hips.

And while it may not sound like a tough task, shoveling that snow off your driveway or sidewalk can actually be dangerous for some.

Loughridge says, "For shoveling, I think what you have to remember is it's physical activity. It's hard, physical activity or manual labor if you will. And it's stressful, so you need to take breaks and do maybe just a little bit at a time and don't do your whole driveway. And for the elderly, maybe get someone else to do it if you can."

Shoveling snow has also been linked to heart attacks especially in older people.

Shoveling this wet snow is a very strenuous outdoor chore that uses quite a bit of energy causing unnecessary stress in your heart.

If you have older neighbors, you might check with them to see if you can help them clear their sidewalk or driveway.

-Meredith Saldana, KTEN News