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Campaign begins to help register storm shelters

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The Pontotoc County Office of Emergency Management in conjunction with the Ada Office of Emergency Management will initiate a campaign to register personal storm shelters during the period of Feb. 15-April 15. 

The purpose of this campaign is to encourage residents of Pontotoc County and Ada to register the location of their storm shelters with the office of emergency management in an effort to save lives after a severe weather event has occurred. 

Each year stories of people trapped in storm shelters after a tornado are heard on the news.  It is the desire of the emergency management agencies in Pontotoc County to ensure if our citizens are the ones trapped, we are able to quickly locate those shelters and free any trapped victims.

Once a resident registers their shelter with our office, the location of the shelter will be plotted on a map. If a tornado occurs in the county, we can plot the damage path on that same map and any registered shelters in the path of the storm will be checked by emergency services personnel to ensure they are clear of debris and no one is trapped inside.

It is important to note that this information will not be shared with other agencies for any reason. The only office that will see this information is the Office of Emergency Management for Pontotoc County and the Ada. If a tornado were to occur, the locations of the shelters in the damage path would be used only by emergency services personnel for the purposes of search and rescue operations.

Residents of Pontotoc County wishing to register their storm shelters should call 211. The 211 operator will log the information from the storm shelter and forward it to the emergency management office for inclusion on our map.