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Heavy Rains Cause Problems Across Texoma

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COLBERT, OK -- From a truck stuck in high water, to flooded fields, yards and ditches.  Monday's heavy rains caused numerous problems across Texoma.  KTEN's Chris Severy reports.

The water has receded, no longer threatening to get inside this house here in Colbert.  But that certainly wasn't the case earlier today.  Just take a look at this picture shot by our engineer Danny Allen this afternoon.  Water was almost completely surrounding the house.  It almost looks like a moat around a castle.  Colbert city crews were able to get the water close to the house pumped away from it before it got inside.  The heavy rains also caused numerous other problems.  Like the driver of this pickup truck, who made a wrong turn in a parking lot off of Spur 503, got stuck in high water and ended up needing to be rescued.  Thankfully, he was not injured, just a little embarrassed.  And, a common sight across Texoma, roadside ditches filled to the top with water.  And then just about every field you could see, overrun with high water.  This field off of Hwy 11 between Sherman and Luella looked more like Lake Texoma.