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Programs Cutting Theft of Cars and Equipment

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The State of Texas is helping crack down on car and property theft through two new programs.  The TRIP Program is helping cut down on property theft and HEAT is cracking down on car thefts by asking you to place a sticker on your property.

Both stolen cars and equipment have been a growing concern for Texas residents and placing a sticker on your car or equipment could make all the difference.  Thousands of cars and business equipment are stolen each year in Texas. 

Trooper Mark Tackett says, "There's over 1,000 pieces of farm equipment stolen in Texas every year." 

Now, two new programs are helping stop thieves in their tracks. The TRIP is used to recover farm and construction grade equipment, while the HEAT program helps recover stolen cars.  Both programs have seen success, all thanks to a sticker.

Trooper Tackett explains, "We'll issue you a sticker for your equipment and we will put you in a data base that is used by law enforcement all over the state."

Those programs are helping recover your stolen car and equipment faster.

"In Texas F150 trucks are among the top 10 most popular vehicles stolen," says Trooper Tackett.

Most car thefts occur between the hours of 1a.m. to 5a.m.

"It allows law enforcement officials to stop your vehicle from 1 to 5 in the morning.  We just check to make sure it you in the car and you are the owner."

Already officials have recovered cars and equipment through these two programs making it harder for thieves to take and keep your property.

If you chose to enroll, both programs are free and can be applied for online.

Christina Lusby, Reports.