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Vitamin D Helps Protect Against Serious Health Conditions

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If you want to protect yourself from the common cold and flu this season, you might want to start taking your Vitamin D. Statistics show 75% of Americans are deficient in Vitamin D, which could explain why many people get sick so often.

Researchers cannot stress enough the importance of the supplement for your body. Making sure you body has the correct Vitamin D levels boosts your immunity and helps ward off the cold and flu. It is referred to as a cornerstone nutrient, helping your body absorb all the other vitamins in your diet.

There are two types of Vitamin D your body needs, D2 and D3. Vitamin D2 comes from plants while Vitamin D3 is referred to as a sunshine vitamin, meaning your body absorbs the nutrient from the sun and food grown outside.

Making sure your body has balanced levels do not just help during the cold and flu season, but it also helps prevent heart disease, stroke, heart failure and premature death. That's according to the studies shown at the American Heart Association Conference in Orlando, Florida. Studies showed Americans with no history of heart disease and low Vitamin D levels were 45% more likely to develop heart disease, twice as like to develop heart failure, 78% more likely to get a stroke and 77% more likely to die sooner than those with normal Vitamin D levels.

Many people who eat healthy still do not get enough Vitamin D to sustain healthy levels. So how much should you take a day? Studies show you should take 2,000 IU's a day, that's equivalent to 1 or 2 drops daily.

Christina Lusby, Reports.