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Church Expands and Grows Despite Recession


Last week we told you about churches struggling to survive, but it is not all doom and gloom in this economy, some churches in our area are expanding.

Sherman Bible Church has been rapidly growing over the last 5 years.  After 33 years in their old building, the church decided it was time to move towards a new future to keep up with their growth.

Dennis Henderson, main Pastor of Sherman Bible Church says, "With our growth rate, location, and parking, 5 acres just couldn't handle it."

Hoping to tackle their numbers, the church set out to find a new home. The process, landing the new church right across the street from their old building. Now, with a new home and a new future, Sherman Bible set out to build a new facility that would reach out to the community.

"We designed our building after visiting as many churches and shopping malls as we could. This allowed us to develop a vision." says Frank Wideman who is a member of Sherman Bible and a part of creating the new building.

Their vision, to create a state of the art building with a coffee bar, an eye catching children's area and a large room for service, complete with all the latest technology.

"One service can easily hold 1,200 people with kids.  We have multiple services so it should hold about 3,000 or 4,000 on a Sunday," says the main Pastor Dennis Henderson.

But the church says it isn't about their building, their main goal is focused on the greater community on the outside and their growth is something they leave up to faith.

Christina Lusby, Reports.