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Local Doctors Pack for Trip to Haiti


DENISON, TX -- A team of local doctors are packing Saturday preparing to fly to Haiti Sunday on their own dime. Deeda Payton has been talking to Dr. Jeannine Hatt, a Denison pediatrician, all week about her connections in Port-au-Prince. She and her husband, Dr. Charles Phelps a Sherman radiologist, have been traveling to Haiti for medical mission trips for years. Saturday, they welcomed me into their home to talk about the importance of this trip.

Their Denison home has been turned into a sort of command post. Their living room is almost unrecognizable as medicine and surgical supplies are scattered everywhere. As Dr. Jeannine Hatt says, it is organized chaos. "In less than 24 hours we need to be on the plane leaving for Santiago, Dominican Republic, as you can see behind me we have a lot to do."

Saturday is Dr. Hatt's birthday, but as her husband, Dr. Charles Phelps, explains there is nothing she wants more than to help the people of Haiti. "As soon as we heard there had been an earthquake, we knew that our trip to Cozumel was canceled, we'd be going to Port-Au Prince instead."

For the past eleven days, Dr. Hatt has been on the phone trying to get a team together. A trip materialized in the last 48 hours. A group of physicians from across our country will be accompanying Dr. Hatt and Dr. Phelps to Haiti. "We're going to try to help first feed and provide water for the staff that is still there and try to help the medical care of the community that Grace Hospital and the general hospital serve."

The Hatt-Phelps family have been traveling to Haiti for years for medical mission trips as part of the organization "International Childcare," so this trip and the people of Haiti hold a special place in their hearts. "Once you make friends, you can't just walk away from friends."

They say the generosity of our community has been overwhelming. "I went into Parks Drug and basically emptied their shelves and they wouldn't take any payment."

Dr. Hatt and Dr. Phelps plan to be in Haiti for seven days doing what they can to not only respond, but to rebuild the country they have come to love.

Dr. Hatt says she will try to email us photos and updates while she is in Haiti.

If you'd like to help their organization "International Child Care" go to www.internationalchildcare.org.

Deeda Payton, KTEN News.