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Special Olympics is Held in Whitesboro


WHITESBORO, TX -- 150 local athletes gathered today for the first round of what could take them all the way to the Olympics, a very Special Olympics. Deeda Payton reports.

They dribble, they shoot, they celebrate! "It's really, really fun!"

Local kids look forward to the Special Olympics every year and basketball day is very popular. "my son is in it every year and it's big for them."

But, it's more than just a fun field trip. "The reason we do these is to help them get ready for further competition."

All 150 kids are competition at the local level hoping to move forward to the next round, the area competition of the Special Olympics next month in McKinney.

"This is what keeps them going to come together like this and know they're not the only ones that are going through something, it's great!" It's hard not to get caught up in their enthusiasm. "Are you having fun today?" "Yes!"

The high fives and smiles are contagious. "They are just so genuine, you know. If they like you, they tell you if they are mad, they tell ya yea. So, they're just real genuine. It's fun to be around them."

But, when they have a basketball in their hand, watch out! These kids have skills and they are an inspiration, both on the court and off.

 The state competition of the Special Olympics in Arlington, Texas.

Deeda Payton, KTEN News.