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Caution Urged in Work Zones


SHERMAN, TX -- With the construction starting soon on I-35 and other road projects throughout Texoma, it's a good time to remind you what to look out for going through a construction zone.  KTEN's Chris Severy reports.

Sometimes the advice is so simple and easy to say, but apparently we can't say it enough.  Unfortunately, accidents still happen and they can have deadly consequences.  Posted signs, bright orange traffic cones and flashing lights; all designed to keep drivers and the construction workers safe.  Noel Paramanantham, with the Texas Department of Transportation, says, "with the right precautions that we take as far as the traffic control plan, we also protect the workers by providing the concrete barriers to separate the traffic and the workers."  Every year in the US, approximately 700 people die and 5,000 are injured in more than 20,000 work-zone accidents.  Paramanantham added, "the number one cause of incidents in the work zone is where people are not paying attention."  "Every vehicle is a weapon by itself.  So, it's very important that the driver pays attention to their surroundings and also slows down to the posted speed limits."  Remember, traffic fines double in work zones, both in Texas and in Oklahoma.