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TEXOMA'S Got Talent - F. A. Q.


 Frequently Asked Questions: 


 On our FAQ you'll find many answers to your questions about the audition process for

Texoma's Got Talent which will help you come prepared.



How is Texoma's Got Talent associated with NBC and America's Got Talent?

KTEN-TV is the NBC affiliate for the Texoma area. NBC recently offered affiliates an

opportunity to hold local talent contests where up to 5 winners selected from this competition

will get a guaranteed audition before the producers of Amerca's Got Talent in one of the

official audition cities set by NBC.



What is the date and time for Texoma's Got Talent?

Texoma's Got Talent will be held on Thursday, January 28, 2010 from 10am –7pm.



Where is Texoma's Got Talent being held?

The contest will be held at the Choctaw Event Center. Address: 3702 Choctaw Road, Durant,

OK 74701. (Just off Highway 69/75 –Next to Choctaw Casino and Resort)



When and Where will the selected winners from Texom's Got Talent audition before the producers of America's Got Talent?

Winners of Texoma's Got Talent will be sent to Dallas, TX. The event will be held at the Dallas

Convention Center, 650 S. Griffin St., Dallas, TX 75202. The Dallas auditions will be held on

January 30 & 31, 2010.



I am coming to the audition.  How long will this take?

It is hard to predict how many people will show up. But auditions are open to the public.

The lines may be long. Your best bet is to expect to be with us the whole day.



Do I need to bring proof of citizenship to the cometition?

ALL contestants must be able to prove BEFORE they can audition that they are either a US

citizen, legal permanent resident of the US or possess a current legal visa allowing you to seek

employment freely in the US (not merely a visa that allows you to work for one particular

employer). Bring your proving documentation with you (i.e. driver's license, passport, etc.).



I am un 18 or I have minors under 18 in my group.  What do I need to bring to my audition?

Contestants under 18 must have permission from their parents or legal guardian to audition

and must be accompanied by one of their parents or their legal guardian.


All minors attending the audition will be required to present a photo ID.



Minor contestants may use a school ID or acceptable substitute (such as a yearbook page that includes a printed name with a photo AND a birth certificate). If the contestant is too young to have a photo ID, the parent or guardian should present a photo ID & the child's birth certificate that includes the parents name with the child's name on the certificate. 

How early can I get to the audition?

You may line up starting at 8am the day of the auditions.

What should I wear for my audition?

There will be roving cameras interviewing contestants, their families and supporters inside and outside the audition venues, so dress to impress for your KTEN News debut. If possible, you should arrive in the outfit or costume you plan to wear for your audition.



You will be given up to three minutes. However, we suggest you limit your performance to 90

seconds to coincide with the requirements of America's Got Talen auditions. Please keep in mind that this is YOUR opportunity to show us your talent, so please come prepared. Practice your audition ahead of time so we see the best and most exciting parts of your performance.  KTEN reserves the right to modify allotted times for auditions at their sole discretion.

How long will I be waiting to audition?

The lines may be long. You may be asked to do interviews or other shots for the news. This could be a full day commitment and you may be outside waiting for part of the time, therefore you should dress accordingly. You are free to bring drinks or food.

If I don't pre-register online for an audition can I still come?

Yes, in fact there is no pre-registration for our local competition. Our auditions are open to anyone, any age and any talent so long as the person meets our 



Yes. We encourage you to bring as many people as you would like! We encourage them to bring 



Whether you are a contestant, friend, or family member EVERYONE will be required to present a photo ID in order to enter the audition venue.

Minors CONTESTANTS AND GUESTS without a driver's license may use a school ID or acceptable substitute (such as a yearbook page that includes a printed name with photo AND a birth certificate matching the name). If the minor is too young to have any form of photo ID, then that minor's parent or guardian should present a photo ID and the child's birth certificate that includes the parent's name with the child's name on the certificate. For the complete minor information 


.EVERYONE under the age of 18 must have permission from their parents or legal guardian to be at the auditions AND must be accompanied by one parent or guardian.

Generally, singers are asked to sing their one song a capella (without a backing track).  However, you may use a backing track if you sing and dance at the same time. In addition, rappers can use thei



You have UP TO three minutes for your audition, so you do not need to start your song at the beginning. Please pick a section of the song that best shows off your voice.

r own beats. Otherwise, it is up to the Producer's discretion if and when a track is permitted. Playing an instrument (for example a piano, guitar, etc.) while singing is always allowed.

My act does original material / I want to do original material. Is that allowed?

If your act uses music (singer, dancer, band, group, musician, variety performer, etc.), we advise you to pick music that is very well known. Generally the judges and audience respond better to music they know.

However the final decision is up to you.

I'm in a band. What will my audition be like?

Due to time constraints in this initial phase of the audition process, we only allow for limited acoustic set ups. This means you must hand-carry your instruments into the audition in one trip.

Can I bring musical instruments with me to the audition?

Yes. You will be allowed to perform at your audition with your musical instrument, but you WILL NOT be allowed to plug any instrument in, so MAKE SURE IT'S ACOUSTIC or is portable and has a self-contained amplifier.  For those needing a keyboard, we will make reasonable efforts to provide one for you in the audition. If you are in a band and have multiple and/or non-acoustic instruments, we advise you to come to the audition with all members of the band and bring a DVD for judges to watch in the audition.

What type of musical equipment is provided?

Bring your own non-electric instruments. For those needing a keyboard, we will make reasonable efforts to provide one for you in the audition

Can I bring my drum kit to play at my audition?

Due to the amount of time it takes to set up a drum kit, we have found that a DVD of your drumming or band's performance works much better for you and us. A DVD will allow you the time at home to tune and adjust your levels and will give us a more accurate repesentation of your talent than you would get in our audition room. The DVD does not have to be of professional quality. It can be as simple as your friend taping you at home or a prior show at which you have performed.

If you would still like to play something "live" in the audition, you may bring a portion of the drum kit (ex. a snare and hi-



What should I NOT bring with me to the auditions?

hat) so that you are able to literally ‘walk in and play'. Due to the potential amount of auditions we need to conduct, NO SET UP TIME WILL BE ALLOWED!

The list of prohibited items below is not exhaustive and even if an item is not listed below, the producers and security reserve the right to ask you to remove any such item from the venue.  People in possession of prohibited items will be denied admission to the line and to the venue and may be subject to immediate disqualification. All bags are subject to search:


Coolers of any kind unless for medical reasons


Props that must be used with fire or pyro

Video cameras or camcorders of any kind

Weapons of any kind (including pocket knives, "army knives" or Swiss Army -type

Illicit drugs or alcohol


Everyone should show up for the audition on the scheduled day no later than the time instructed by the Producer. If you are late, you may not have a chance to audition. However, these are open auditions so, as long as you come by 6pm, we will make every attempt to see you. Audition start and/or finish time is at the discretion of the Producers. Auditions are "first come/first serve".

What happens in the next round?

The next round will involve you auditioning in front of producers in Dallas, TX.

My act has fire in it, dangerous weapons, or special rigging. Can I still audition?

We are sorry, but during this these auditions we cannot have fire, swords, or other sharp objects at this venue. If you have prop swords, knifes, or other props that appear dangerous but are not, please alert the staff and we will try to accommodate you. Also, there will not be rigging for aerial acts. Please bring a DVD of your act if your act does include these elements and the judges will watch part of it with you.

I have an animal act. Do I need to do anything special?

Yes. If you have an animal act -- 


animal questionnaire.  animals' inoculations are up to date.

If you've read through the FAQ and you still have questions, feel free to email us at



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W hat if you didn't answer my question?

please go to the "paperwork " section of our web site and fill out the  

What happens if I am late for the auditions?


I am a singer. What should I expect?

 signs and banners to support you.

Can I bring family and friends with me?

eligibility requirements. However, we strongly suggest you log on to KTEN.com, download and complete the form for your audition.  By completing your form in advance you'll be prepared with all the available forms and paperwork and latest information and we think your day will go much smoother.

How long do I get for my audition?

DO NOT wear LOGOs of any kind , including sports teams, designer names, or company



EVERYONE under the age of 18 must have permission from their parents or legal guardian to be at the auditions AND must be accompanied by one parent or guardian.