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A Denison Child Battles Brain Cancer


DENISON, TX -- It's a heartbreaking story, a Denison girl who is battling brain cancer at seven years old. Deeda Payton has the story.

Her name matches her personality, simply Radiant. Radiant Luna is seven years old. She loves math and is very popular in her second grade class at Terrell Elementary in Denison. "She's the first to offer to give someone a pencil or let them borrow some of her crayons." "My friend Radiant, she's a sweetheart."

Radiant is battling a very serious disease, brain cancer. She was diagnosed in December. Her second grade teacher, Kristi Weda, said "It was devastating. She had been experiencing some symptoms at school but we weren't sure, we thought stomach flu."

She has already undergone one surgery to remove a mass in her brain. "When they did the surgery at Children's Hospital in Dallas it was golf-ball size blocking her brain fluid to go to her spine, and that if I would have waited any longer there would have been no hope," said her mother, Melissa Luna.

Recently, doctors found two more masses that they say are inoperable. "It feels like kinda a rough day because when I had it I had a tumor right here in the back of my head and then my brain started swelling and I have two more chips one under my brain and one in my spine," said Radiant.

Money is tight in the Luna household. Radiant and her mother travel back and forth to Dallas every week for chemotherapy and radiation, and her mother says Medicare doesn't cover all of her treatments. "Trying to work Saturday and Sunday is the only time I can work to keep my job so I won't loose it, it's pretty hard."

But, through it all, radiant stays positive. She is grateful for the days she can return to school and play with her friends and she is looking forward to her eighth birthday next month and the end of treatment.

If you are interested in helping Radiant and her family with medical bills, Terrell Elementary in Denison is accepting donations. You can also donate to her medical fund at the American Bank of Texas under "Radiant Eternal Luna."

Deeda Payton, KTEN News.