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Hungry kids find help in form of a matching grant


More than 150 Bryan County youth will benefit from a $25,000 matching grant allowing students to enroll in Oklahoma's Food 4 Kids program for an entire school year. Throughout the month of December, Bryan County residents pitched in to match that grant, and surpassed it by bringing in $31,000.

Last year, 239 children in 10 elementary schools in Bryan County benefited from the food 4 kids program. Children, identified as chronically hungry by school personnel, received a backpack filled with kid-friendly food on weekends and school holidays throughout the year. Food 4 Kids organizers said they have several family's struggling financially, and because of the program, they know they're being helped. Before entering the program, organizers say, many of these children ate little or nothing between school lunch on Friday and school breakfast on Monday. As a result of the program, the schools have reported that students' school performance as well as self esteem have improved.

More than 21 percent of the school children in Bryan County live in poverty, said Rodney Bivens, executive director of the regional food bank. If you want to make a donation, call 405.604.7107 or contact the regional food bank at 405.972.1111 or log on to