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Texas Governor Does Not Want Federal Education Money


SHERMAN, TX -- Governor Rick Perry has announced Texas will not be applying for federal education money because of the strings attached. Deeda Payton met with some of our local education officials to get their reaction to the governor's decision.

Local school administrators and local lawmakers we spoke with say they agree with the governor's decision.

The state has until Tuesday to take advantage of the stimulus money, but Governor Perry made the announcement yesterday he would not apply for the 7-hundred million dollars. He says federal restrictions come with that money saying, it would cause our schools to chance their curriculum and would dictate how local teacher's teach.

Representative Larry Phillips made the additional point that there are 4.7 million students in Texas, so even if the state was awarded the maximum amount that would only equate to about $75/student, which isn't that much. "What I think most Texans believe is don't take stimulus dollars if its got strings attached that could end up costing us more in the long run than the benefits we are getting."

Sherman Superintendent, Dr. Al Hambrick, agrees. "Those are factors that you have to consider also to make sure we're doing what's best and also that we can fund it for future years."

Both Dr. Hambrick and Representative Phillips say the state would have to agree to stop the current curriculum, make changes, buy new textbooks perhaps and mandate more testing to apply for the money.

They believe Texas is on the right track without having to answer to the federal government, especially when all the details and mandates attached to the money have not been worked out yet. According to those we spoke with, by applying, Texas wouldn't know exactly what they would be agreeing to at this point.

We'll keep you posted if anything changes.

Deeda Payton, KTEN News.