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Cobb, Oklahoma Resident s Are Without Heat


COBB, OK -- About 60 Bryan County residents are without power and have been since yesterday morning. Deeda Payton explains what Oklahoma Gas and Electric is doing to get their heat back on.

OG&E says they have been working round the clock to repair a transformer. They say they have even gotten the heat turned back on a couple of times, but it only stays on for a few minutes before it burns out again. They even tried replacing the transformer, but not even that has kept the heat on for longer than twenty minutes. The transformer they are working on is in Cobb, a town just north of Durant.

Residents on Haney Road say it feels like OG&E is trying to fix the problem with a band aid and they want more than a quick fix, they want heat. Dean Pollock with OG&E says "It is so cold and I know they're frustrated and they're cold and there's a football game and everybody's wanting to be warm and watch the game or both."

Cobb Resident, Mandy Hammond says "This could be a major issue you know when the weather gets this severe you know it could cost people their lives, their livestock and I just think it should've been taken care of by now." Fortunately the Hammond family has a fire place and a generator to stay warm, but they say they have elderly neighbors who don't and they say they are worried about them.

OG&E is working with their engineers in Oklahoma City to figure out what is causing the transformers to blow. They say cold temperatures don't usually cause these kind of problems, usually it is ice and wind they have to watch out for.

Deeda Payton, KTEN News.