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Static Electricity Danger at the Pumps


GRAYSON CO., TX -- In this cold weather, danger can lurk at every corner.  It's even there when you pump your gas.  KTEN's Chris Severy explains.

You see it time and time again when it's this bitterly cold.  People get out of their cars, put the nozzle in the tank, start pumping and then get right back inside.  But that's a big no-no.  And here's why.  Think it's an urban legend?  Think again.  This young woman appears to be doing everything right.  She puts the nozzle in.  But then she makes the biggest mistake, getting back inside her SUV.  After several minutes of moving around, generating static electricity, she gets back out and reaches for the nozzle.  And boom, it catches fire.  She's forced to run for cover.  Sherman Fire Chief J.J. Jones says, "You really need to take special precautions especially in this cold weather and we're all bundled up and we're not paying close attention to what we're doing.  This is a real important time to do these things extra safe."  Amazingly though, some people just don't get it.  Look at this woman we found earlier today at a Denison gas station.  After starting to put gas in her SUV, she jumped right back inside to take cover from the cold.  So we asked her why?  She said, "Just when it's this cold.  I work out in it, so..."  Other drivers pumping gas though, seemed to understand the dangers.  An unidentified driver said, "Oh, safety.  Gotta make sure the pump's gonna shut off, gas is gonna shut off.  No reason to get in my car."