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Studying Abroad Amid Heightened National Security


SHERMAN, TX -- College global studies programs are extremely popular these days. Austin College says three-quarters of all of their students travel internationally to study courses in other countries. But, as Deeda Payton explains, the recent terrorist attempt to bomb a flight on Christmas Day has changed the way professors are preparing their students.

Austin College says they haven't had anyone back out of a study abroad program, but they are constantly checking with the state department to make sure their students are.

January term is one of their busiest times for the global studies programs. Every week this month they are sending students off to study courses overseas, but professors are not blind to the fact that airport security has been heightened due to terrorist threats. However, they say they take every precaution and they believe the new security measures are more necessary than an inconvenience. "We've not noticed a decline, no incidents, but we do monitor these things closely in pre-departure phases of trips and while they're abroad," said Austin College's Global Studies Professor, Truett Cates.

They say they have programs on every continent except Antarctica. Peru and Ecuador seem to be the most popular countries to visit right now because those programs include a home stay in Quito the capital of Ecuador and a trip to the Galapagos Islands.

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Deeda Payton, KTEN News.