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Prepare Your Vehicle for Cold Temps


DENISON, TX --  The incoming cold weather can take its toll on your vehicles too.  And if you don't take the necessary steps now the repairs could be costly.  KTEN's Chris Severy reports. 

When the mercury drops as low as it's going to, people often overlook the cars and trucks they drive everyday.  But there are a few simple things to do.  Let's begin with the battery.  Cold weather can zap the energy right out of it and your car might not start.  Make sure it's got a good charge and that the connectors are free of any corrosion.  Then lets talk about your radiator.  You need to make sure you have the proper mixture of anti-freeze.  With too much water in there it could freeze and crack your radiator.  As always, make sure your oil level is where it should be.  You'll also want to make sure you have the kind of washer fluid that doesn't freeze.  And then your tire pressure.  Make sure it's inflated to the recommended levels.  Cold weather will cause your tires to lose pressure.  Failure to do any of these things could result in extremely costly repairs.  Russell Brin from Jerry's Shell Station in Denison says, "Bottom line is anywhere from five to six or seven thousand dollars.  It can cause motor damage, radiator problems, heater cores, it'll just start breaking."  If you're unsure how to do any of these things, you can always take it to a mechanic.  And there is still time, while most shops have already closed for the night.  The extreme dangerously cold weather won't hit until Thursday night and Friday morning, which means you can go tomorrow.  Plan on getting there early and be prepared to wait.  Shops report being busy all week and they expect to be even busier as it gets even colder.